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Kaida here, Witch of 6 years
Christianhoused and broke as hell, I know the struggles of turning to this religion, especially since how society views Witches, as broom riding satan worshipers instead kickass ladies (and men, and other)
This blog will have helpful tips for both your wallet and how to hide your stash of magic. It will also include low level spells,herbal magic, tips on finding your element, spirit animal, and gemstone magic
If you have ANY questions at all, please feel free to ask me, but be sure to check the FAQ before hand!
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Wiccan Tips from A Real Life Witch

Ache problems?

Lime juice is a powerful disinfectant

Putting a drop of lime juice on the pimple, whether it’s under the surface or out in the open, and the acid will kill the bacteria causing the unsightly zit and clear it quickly~!

A much healthier alternative to ache creams and washes, give this trick a try, helps to treat mild case of ache

It may not work for everyone, but no harm can come from this natural trick

Topaz: the stone of nobility, honour and benevolence. Used magically to increase courage, lift sorrow and bring riches and personal fulfilment. Topaz concentrates the mystical powers of the Sun to bring wisdom, wealth, power and energy. Set in a ring it confers power over animals and the stone can be used in meditation to learn new insights about totem animals or your familiar.

The stone has a dazzling golden energy that can be used in magic to lift your spirits, strengthen your Will enhance your creativity. Working with Topaz can help you learn to see the intentions and motives of the people around you and, perhaps more importantly, of yourself.


how does wicca feel about gay people?

Wicca is an incredibly open religion when it comes to sexuality

Some branches even allow polysexual relationships so long as everyone in the party is happy and consenting

We believe you were made the way you are, and the Goddess loves all her children equally, regardless of sexuality 

» Hey I’m back~!

So so sorry about the hiatus

Feel free to send me asks/requests for any element, spirit animal, or inquiry you may have and I’ll do my best to answer

Do you think that there are people who can control things like they do on a show like the secret circle? I think that there is and we're just as clueless as the people on tv are because maybe those people don't want to be exposed and that's why we don't know about them

How do you mean, control things?

We as humans are not able to fully control natural things even our own elements are powers are limited because we aren’t Goddess, we don’t have the right to command her nature

Of course, the response you receive may differ from witch to witch don’t take my word as law


Outrageously Beautiful Trees

Attention all Phoenician witches!

Bookman’s, located on 19th Ave and Northern is selling triple goddess note books! Can be used as a diary, though I’m turning mine into a spell book

Theyre only 7 dollars!

I’m editing the HTML code to remove the link to my ask box
The only way to ask questions will be through an FAQ and I would recommend searching the /tagged/ask tag on this blog
Until then the ask box is CLOSED until further notice

» I haven’t been on recently,

and I’m sorry about that

I’m going to work on making an FAQ page because I’ve noticed I’m getting frustrated/annoyed about getting the same questions sent over and over and over again, and it’s gotten to the point this isn’t fun but a chore for me .-.

Where did you get that picture of that moonstone ring? I've wanted one for a really long time and that's exactly what I'm looking for, I just can't find one like it anywhere. I'm also really nervous with buying rings online..

Google imagining :( Sorry

I bought that necklace (the one from my spell casting post) from Ebay, so don’t be too nervous!

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