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Kaida here, Witch of 6 years
Christianhoused and broke as hell, I know the struggles of turning to this religion, especially since how society views Witches, as broom riding satan worshipers instead kickass ladies (and men, and other)
This blog will have helpful tips for both your wallet and how to hide your stash of magic. It will also include low level spells,herbal magic, tips on finding your element, spirit animal, and gemstone magic
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Wiccan Tips from A Real Life Witch

Moonstone: Moonstone represents balancing, introspective, reflective, and lunar. Used for “new beginnings”, hoping, and wishing. Helps in understanding destiny and cleanses negativity from chakras. Travelers stone for protection. Promotes calmness and awareness. Used to treat skin, hair, eye, and fleshy organ deterioration. Eliminates toxins from the body and assists in digestive and elimination disorders. Enhances fertility and eases childbirth. Good for insomnia, water disorders, insect bites, and circulatory disorders.